sweet chile sauce

I’ve heard of sweet chile sauce but I’ve never seen it for sale down here. This recipe turned out to be ridiculously easy – except...

ricotta cheesecake souffles

Remember how I got totally addicted to homemade ricotta last summer? I don’t usually make it to cook with since it ends up being breakfast...

copycat stouffer’s macaroni and cheese

Let’s talk comfort. My friend Beth just died and I could use some comfort. I think she would have liked this but perhaps I’m projecting....

fails and a tip

I haven’t posted that much in the past few months. I did, actually, cook quite a bit. But, I make a number of recipes I’ve...

red hot crispy rice treats!

How,oh how did you come up with such a delicious recipe Zaz? It actually comes from a popcorn recipe I used to make. And since...

Welcome to Chickens & Eggs

A funny little blog that allows me to easily share recipes with friends. I am not (obviously) a professional cook or recipe writer, but I love to cook and it's important to me to make mostly healthy recipes. I do my best to make the recipes workable for the average home cook. Like me.

soups & stews

I love soups and stews and chilis. I make a lot and freeze them so I always have a quick lunch on hand.


Chicken is incredibly adaptable. It works really well in a lot of different recipes. I've always got chicken in the freezer.


I used to be a vegetarian but I would never survive as a vegan. Without eggs, you have no egg custard!


Making your own bread is both therapeutic and tasty. And it really should not be intimidating. Bread is easy.


Cookies are probably my favorite dessert. They are easily shared, fun to make and reasonably portioned. And versatile.

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